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I’ve been dying for a full body massage as I’ve been aching quite badly due to prolonged bad posture from carrying  extremely heavy loads on one side of my body on a daily basis like my cross body bag, camera bags and so on (one of the reasons I’m now lemming for a tiny little full frame Sony A7). When I got the opportunity to review Le Spa’s Urban Fusion (LUF) Body Massage, I immediately thought to myself that it couldn’t have come at a better time! Ask and I shall receive, huh! 

Le Spa has several outlets around Singapore. I visited the one at Gemmill Lane, just opposite Far East Square at Chinatown. Open 24 hours, and at a great location, this is perfect for late night back aches or after shopping foot pain relief!


Comfortable and spacious waiting area


Welcome to Le Spa!


A Sanctuary to Derive Joy

Decked out in distinguishing shades of gold, red and black, it is as oriental luxe as it can get for a massage parlor. It is well-furnished and has a spacious waiting area for pre and post massage teas, an area for foot reflexology and therapy treatments in plush chairs, and hidden away is a passageway of dimly-lit cozy treatment rooms with massage beds covered in shiny gold embroidered cloth and topped with rolls of royal red towels. Even the walkways to the rooms show off hanging lantern lights and lined with grey pebbles.

For guests who don’t enjoy the oiliness from the massage oil on their bodies, there are clean shower facilities available as well.


Beautiful calming walkways peppered with oriental elements

Service from reception was quite cut-and-dried… It was very to the point. I felt the welcome from reception was lacking in warmth that I typically experienced in other spa and massage establishments I’ve visited and when I tried to find out more about the treatments, the response was a rather robotic walk-through on the process and benefits. (As if memorized from a script and regurgitated in measured sentences with a flat intonation.) However, not to be mistaken as a bad experience, it was professional, it was good, it just was a little staid for my liking. Perhaps, it was just a one-off experience as well, because reading reviews of the place, it has indeed been delivering great service so far.

However, worthy of commendation was my therapist who from start to end was very intuitive and friendly. Sometimes, it’s about that human touch (pun not intended) that really makes a difference. I felt cared for in the small little actions she did, from checking if I would like her to assist with putting my hair up in a hair tie or if I’d prefer it to do it myself, to checking on the pressure applied during the massage and just generally walking the fine balance between caring and overly attentive.

So it was a tale of two types of service from the same establishment. To me, what’s important is my masseuse is one that I am comfortable with and I can definitely overlook the service at reception since the actual massage was an absolute joy and my therapist, a real gem!


Furnished in rich oriental gold and red shades in order to achieve an elegant and luxurious look

Single and couple massage rooms are available. I was ushered into one of the larger couple rooms of the Gemmill Lane outlet by my therapist and it wasn’t long before I was settled onto the massage bed, face down and enjoying a full 90-minutes of their signature Urban Fusion.


Touch up corner


List of services and add-ons

The Urban Fusion is a signature body massage from Le Spa. Created for urbanites living high-stress and fast-paced lifestyles, it is an intense full body massage fusing western aroma therapy with the Chinese traditional Tui Na ( 推拿) massage techniques targeting the joints but without acupuncture pressing. There are two other signature treatments, Le Royal Balinese and Le Imperial Swedish Retreats which are gentler relaxing massage techniques.

Not new to massages, especially tension relieving ones for fatigued and strained muscles, I anticipated that the Urban Fusion Body Massage will include some strength and pressure for effective tension release.  I do have a low pain tolerance, but when you’re suffering from stiff neck, shoulders and an achy breaky back, by all means, go full strength and indeed, pressure was perfect. After 90-minutes, I stepped out feeling a mix of on-the-verge of bruising throbbing and awesome soothing relief. You know what they say, you can’t have pleasure without pain and it is indeed amazing to step out feeling brand new. I would definitely recommend the Urban Fusion because this is just what the doctor ordered!

Le Spa accepts walk-in customers and if you haven’t made an appointment but are in the area and have the sudden urge for a last minute massage appointment, you can definitely consider this fantastic 24-hour massage parlor.

What I really love about this place is the flexible massage timings from half an hour to two hours. This means regardless of your budget or schedule, you can work a massage treatment into your day. The Urban Fusion Body Massage is just $38 if you’ve only got a short thirty minutes to spare and for 90-minutes, like the Urban Fusion Massage I experienced, it would be $90 which is very reasonable.

Le Spa @ Gemmill Lane
14 Gemmill Lane, Singapore 069253
+65 6222 6803

Le Spa @ Chun Tin Road
16A Chun Tin Road, Singapore 599603
+65 6222 6805

Opens daily, 24 hours

Disclaimer: Service featured in this post was sponsored for review purposes. All opinions shared are honest and my own based on my experience.

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