You Won’t Believe What I Did with a Dozen Bottles of MILO Nutri G

MILO was elevated from childhood breakfast drink to cult status when some innovative person from RK Eating House came up with that brilliant idea to dump a ridiculous amount of MILO into a beer tower and sell it to people (with self-control issues) like me.

Guess what?

It trended. (I still do not understand the internet. 10K likes and shares on that post? Not gonna complain though. High five guys!)

Following that innocent post going viral, I ended up with a delivery of MILO Nutri G.


The new MILO Nutri G is the perfect nutritious breakfast drink for adults

I’m guessing the R&D department at Nestle figured working adults were getting too lazy busy to grab breakfast before rushing to a full day of activities. The result is this ready-to-drink upgraded adult version of Singapore’s all-time favourite cocoa energy drink, which is fortified with a selection of four hydrolysed whole grains from the U.S – oats, barley, brown rice and wheat.

I naturally thought to myself, “I have all this MILO, what should I do with it?”


Okay, I really want some Yogiyo Chicken and MILO Nutri G right now

The obvious answer hit me: Throw a MILO (Nutri G) Tower Party

Of course you might ask, “Why did you do that? Couldn’t you have just tried a bottle or two, take one of those cute “act chio” Instagram selfies with a bottle of delicious Nutri G, pick your favourite motivation quote, post it and be over and done with your review?”

NO! Because that’s not how I roll!

Okay, maybe sometimes I roll like that, but this was, clearly, not one of those times.


I think this set up looks about right

Naturally, I ended up with a dozen 190ml bottles of MILO Nutri G. (Thanks Charis from Golin!)

There was absolutely no better way to “fuel up” over the weekend for a busy week ahead than to slow down, organise a little picnic at the rooftop of myVillage, invite a bunch of people I like spending my free time with, grab a bunch of my favourite snacks and load up a beer tower with MILO Nutri G and just enjoy the afternoon. The logic? Go slow to go faster. (Feeling like Confucius right now.)

Also, I like to organise fun things like this during my spare time because it makes me feel kinda awesome, and more importantly, alive. It doesn’t matter that to most people, it feels like “work”.


Kenneth already feeling inspired and “fueled up” just from holding this bottle of MILO Nutri G

I enlisted Kenneth’s help to buy a beer tower from Qoo10 just because I’m crazy and persuasive like that, and we convened one fine weekend at the rooftop with colourful picnic mats, a ton of snacks I got from the Fairprice (Cheezels! #YAAAAS!) and some flavourful, tender Korean fried chicken from Yogiyo Chicken from the mall basement.

Of course, apart from the good food and amazing MILO, it was also a BYOF (bring your own friends) kinda event. The company was also great, if you were wondering.

We basically chit chatted, played some card games and laughed about the concerned Serangoon Garden residents with homes overlooking the myVillage rooftop calling in to complain about teens being all touchy-feely and how the security uncles at the mall have their work cut out for them.


Time to consume some MILO Nutri G

This is a good time for me to mention how this new formula fares.

The smoothness of the MILO Nutri G was a big surprise.This nutritious formula has a thicker, creamier consistency, but still boasts a similar rich, chocolatey taste and the smooth texture of regular MILO.


Let’s just say my friends are impressed with the new MILO Nutri G

Of course, the mini bottle ready-to-drink format makes this easy to just dump into a bag and consume from while on-the-go, so putting it into a tower seems a bit silly, but it really made for a good party drink.

Surprisingly, I much preferred the MILO Nutri G when it came to our massive MILO Tower binge and so did all of my friends. It wasn’t too sweet and had all the flavour that made it pretty addictive, even after the ice started melting.


Straight from the tower

That’s probably the reason why TY was still good with the last couple of mouthfuls – straight from the tower.

I do admit it was a crazy idea to put together my own MILO Tower party using MILO Nutri G when it’s way easier to just go to RK Eating House and just order a regular MILO Tower instead. That said, I’m more likely to remember this special day in time when I did a DIY MILO Tower with my friends, because it’s “different”.

This is so important in my life right now when days blur into each other. An activity like this one definitely helps fuel my creativity during my “down time” in a fun way and makes another weekend more memorable than usual.

If you want to make your own MILO Nutri G Tower memories with your pals, each bottle retails at $1.20 and a packet of 6 costs $6.95. It retails at all leading supermarkets and convenience stores island-wide.

You can also hang out at the rooftop – no ones gonna stop you – not unless you’re still of school-going age and are making out. Milo Tower picnics are totally okay.

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