Hey! This is Carrie Sim, your resident UK 14 Mid-sized Queen and big sis on the internet. I eat, I wear nice things, and I travel as much as I can afford to!

I’ve grown up on the internet and have been blogging since I was 11. This blog has seen some transformations over the years. It was previously a personal style blog and now after 7 years, it has become a place for me to share what I’ve learned on my travels and in my life.

Carrie stands in front of a scenic view of Lake Como and touches her hair while having her photo taken

I’ve got serious big sis energy and people in real life and online have noticed that about me.

About Big Sis Coming Through

This blog is all about this big sis traveling the world on a self-love journey and navigating how I can continue to be a nurturing, loving big sis, while still honoring me and my boundaries.

As I write these travel stories, I hope you feel the care and love I have for someone in need of a little elder sister’s magic and guidance.

This blog is where you can find:

Travel Stories

Hong Kong | Japan | Kazakhstan | Singapore | South Korea

Big Sis Advice and Tips

Aesthetic Treatments | Planning a Wedding (or two)

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What is Big Sis Energy?

All big sisters come with a strong presence. They come and they fill a space with their best qualities and also annoying quirks.

Big sis Carrie hangings out with her little sis

Mine comes with a little sprinkle of compassion, an open-hearted courage to try new things, and a desire to care for others and make sure they’re not alone. Of course, I also come with a side of bossiness. It’s just the way big sisters are!

Big Sis Core Values

When you’re a big sis in charge of your life, you travel however the heck you want. It doesn’t have to be right by anyone’s standards. It just has to tickle your fancy and give what it’s supposed to give. Here are some big sis core values I live by.

Money Funds More Core Memories

Buildings in Cinque Terre

You’ve done the hard work of earning that coin for years, and you’re all about spending it with the people who matter and the places you’re gonna enjoy the most. You know what you like and what is most important, and you’ll spend your money on that.

Splurge on core memories? Yes. Spending on fads? Maybe, no.

Experience Everything with an Open Heart

There is always something to learn. As a big sis, there will always be new experiences in this big wide world, always try it once. It’s okay not to like things. But it’s always a good idea to give things a little go first before deciding.

Some Safety, Please!

Big Sis Carrie with her little sis in Seoul

As a big sis traveler, you also know that no matter what, safety is still important. It’s okay to be prepared even if you look a tad uncool to the young ones. But that said, we’re not scaredy cats. We take risks… calculated risks, as all big sisters should.

Say No to Gatekeeping

Big sisters are committed to making the world better and sharing what they’ve learned. We don’t gatekeep great things and we always help the people around us stay safe and inspire them to experience what we’ve experienced in their own way.

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