A Gold Leaf Soft Serve is held up against the backdrop of a market in Kanagawa

The Kanazawa Gold Leaf Soft Serve: Was it Worth It?

Joining my “That looks good, but looks are all that’s going for it” list is the Kanagawa Gold Leaf Soft Serve. It joins the ranks of:

  • Decked-out hipster cafes with decor more impressive than their food
  • Snapchat filters
  • Overrated McDonald’s Salted Egg Chicken Burger

Or maybe, it was its imposter.

Looks like a dream, and tastes like a watered-down soft-serve ice cream… plastered with a token gold foil.

Kinda meh. Still, it made for a pretty picture, anyway.

Kanazawa was one of the stops during my Japan trip earlier this year. It was basically just a pitstop but we ended up spending a whole day there after we found out that the buses to the UNESCO World Heritage site, Shirakawa-Go, a traditional village in Gifu Prefecture, were all fully booked out and we wouldn’t be able to get there after all.

I remembered watching this Business Insider video about the Golden Leaf Soft Serve circulating on Facebook and thought since we were there for a day trip, why not? Kanazawa is famous for its craftsmanship of gold leaves.

It really wasn’t as good as even a McDonald’s ice cream cone and it wasn’t particularly creamy or milky like the soft-serve quality I’ve come to expect from a food mecca like Japan. But I admit, I probably got a rip-offs. I’ve heard it actually really does taste amazing.

Has anyone had the authentic Kanazawa Gold Leaf Soft Serve? Where did you manage to get the “real deal”?



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