A couple enjoys a Milo Tower at RK Eating House in Serangoon Village, Singapore

Where to Order a Milo Tower in Singapore

Nothing is more distinctively Singaporean to me than having a cup of Milo®. It was such a big part of growing up for me. It’s practically synonymous with my childhood (I’m an ’89er by the way). These days I’ve stopped drinking so much of it. I popped by Serangoon Gardens last weekend for a rooftop movie screening at MyVillage and that’s when I discovered the Milo Tower at RK Eating House.

Yes, that legendary RK Eating House. 

RK Eating House Address
  • 1 Kensington Park Rd, Singapore 557253

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Introducing the Milo Tower

As we found ourselves at a table I noticed, for the first time ever, that there were these 2L beer towers filled with Milo. I guess when you’re tired of beer towers and decide you’ll have another kind of sin, a 2L Milo Tower, sounds pretty good. That’s all or more of the calories, but none of the hangovers.

Don’t try the Milo Tower with only 2 people. This is way too much even for 4 people. Our party of 4 still had a third of it left by the time we were done with our meal and this was after I did my part to guzzle as much as I could. I’d reckon 6 people would be a good number for sharing this 2L Milo tower

Rekindling a long-lost love for Milo

It was the best, people. It was so madly sweet but so good. It’s like I rekindled a long-lost love.

Childhood Memories with Milo

I have childhood memories of my experiences anticipating Milo. I looked forward to getting a cold cup of Milo at school sports days from the Milo van. It would pull up in the car park during special occasions and serve small cups of chocolatey goodness to us kids. Every Singaporean knows (or they should) that the best Milo comes from the Milo vans.

Then there were the days when my mother would allow me to make myself a hot frothy cup and I would crank open the tin lid with the back of a metal spoon, sneakily scoop a little extra Milo powder before mixing it with warm water and a scoop of condensed milk. I’d always dunk in ice cubes to make it nice and cold once it was the right “thickness” and then enjoy it like a real treat. It was, in a way, my simple pleasure back in those times.

As a teen, I had access to Milo any time I wanted as long as I didn’t splurge on anything with my allowance. It was my go-to drink for the longest time. This was way before I developed a liking for teh bing (iced tea with milk). I remember discovering Milo Dinosaurs, gigantic glass cups of Milo beverage topped with a large, almost mountainous, scoop of Milo powder. I’m surprised I didn’t die of a sugar overdose.

Memories of Early Adulthood with Milo

Then as a young adult, those late-night suppers with friends after hitting the clubs would mean an order of Maggie goreng pattaya accompanied by none other than a solid cup of iced Milo. Seriously, do you see why I think Milo is so darn Singaporean?

Do you know what’s really funny though? The drink isn’t “made in Singapore”. Of course, Milo sold locally these days are made in Singapore factories, but the energy beverage actually originated in Sydney, Australia. We’ve practically made it our own!

How much is the Milo Tower?

The Milo Tower costs $12. Don’t forget to up the sin counter by getting the Nasi Goreng Ayam (Fried Rice with Chicken) and Prata Kosong (Plain Prata) while you’re here. I mean, what’s life without a bit of living, right?

Update: Guys, this is pretty insane. This is my best-performing article to date. Apparently, the Milo Tower trends on and off whenever there’s a post of it circulated on Facebook or social media. We really, really love Milo and the Milo Tower madness sparked follow-up reports in Malaysia.


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