Universal Studios Japan: Everything We Bought on Impulse

I was hit by a wave of theme park-itis at Universal Studios Japan. Everything that tickled my fancy, I would buy. These were mostly nonsensical food items that were so cute I struggled with even having my first bite. I wasn’t that hungry when I was there, but I ate a fair bit, just because. Here are all the things we normally wouldn’t splurge on, but bought at Universal Studios Japan. Reasons included.

A Giant Turkey Leg

Reason: Because there was a “lucky spin”… and the uncle was cute.

Enthusiastic staff member leading the catchphrase for the lucky spin

Hey, don’t tell me you don’t find this overly enthusiastic old dude absolutely adorable! There was a really funny catchphrase we had to repeat after him (although I can’t remember what it is now) and we had to follow his actions while we were at it.

I wasn’t quite sure what was the deal with getting the “Funny” or “Regular” on the wheel, but I know if we hit the tiny “Win” areas, we’d get a huge turkey leg – big beyond imagination.

An Asian man poses with a regular sized Turkey leg at Universal Studios Japan

We unfortunately did not win. Bummer. But we did get what we paid for… a regular-sized turkey leg.

Carrie is excited to start eating the Turkey Leg

Still good. I’m not going to complain, although it was a couple hundred more yen just to get that lucky spin – this we only realized after paying (and playing).

¥500 Minion Bun

Reason: None. Who doesn’t want a minion bun?!

Oh my God, guys, it’s a stall selling Minion-themed snacks. Take my money!

Customers queuing at the Minion Snack Bar

There were just three items that were highlighted at the Minion Snack Bar:

  • Minion Bun with Stewed Pork Filling
  • Trio De Minion Custard
  • Minion Choco Banana Churritos

After reviewing them, it seemed the most prudent (haha, ironic) to purchase the bun, just because the box right down to the bun was Minion designed and it didn’t look like a potential train wreck kind of snack.

Minion shaped Box containing a Minion bun

True enough. Check out this totally cute yellow box of desire which then opens up to reveal this…

One eyed Minion Bun from Universal Studios Japan

Look at that, isn’t the bun just perfect? Of course, it also tasted decent if you were wondering. After all, it’s still Japan.

Jaws Mitten

Reason: I didn’t want to get my hands dirty while eating fried chicken and it was cute.

Jaws mitten holding onto a piece of fried chicken

One is bound to make irrational purchasing decisions at Universal Studios Japan, even the stingy old fart me and this Jaws Mitten is just to die for. Look at how practical it is!

Novelty Jaws themed mitten for holding onto fried chicken at the Jaws attraction in Universal Studios Japan in Osaka

Seriously, how else will I eat these fried chickens without my damn Jaws shark mitten?

The Butterbeer Mugs

Reason: It was only THAT much more for the mug!

Close up of two mugs of Butterbeer from Universal Studios Japan

Which self-confessed Potterhead would NOT get the Butterbeer AND the mug? We also got both versions and in the heat of the moment with all that excitement, we purchased the plastic mugs.

A woman in overalls poses with two mugs of Butterbeers

Two mugs of Butterbeer are way too much. Expect a caramel-like melted-down butterscotch flavor in a soda. But I’m happy I got my Butterbeer mug.

That Minion Popcorn Bucket

Reason: It not only dispenses and holds popcorn, but it also talks!

The popcorn bucket is this solid little Minion which comes with a Minion strap. This cost us way too much yen, but it screamed “Buy me!”

Filling up the Minion popcorn bucket with popcorn at Universal Studios Japan

Bob can actually talk by pushing a button on his bum bum. Darn downright hilarious and it’s all because I was stubborn about getting it. Now with this at home, I press on the buttons now and then to feel like I have friends.

A tourist holds onto a slung Bob Minion Popcorn Bucket from Universal Studios Japan

Anyway, who else here has ever done a theme park sucker spree?


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