Easy Walking Trail in Singapore for Beginners: Pasir Panjang

In Singapore, we’re blessed with eternal summer and fairly flat ground making walking trails in the city and nature reserves fairly suitable and accessible for beginners. Singapore has a National Parks Board that is dedicated to preserving what Singapore calls “urban green spaces” and this commitment has given birth to many well-paved walking trails to explore. Today we’ll explore an easy walking trail in Pasir Panjang which starts from Harbourfront MRT, and ends at Pasir Panjang MRT.

You could also do it the other way around, but I personally prefer the more beautiful and scenic start from Harbourfront MRT.

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Discovering a Walking Trail in Singapore

Growing up here, I’ve taken the many green spaces for granted. It wasn’t until my trip to Kazakhstan in the Summer of 2023, that it hit me just how predictable and perfect this balmy Singaporean year-long summer is for walking in the outdoors. Let’s not get started on just how incredibly accessible any of these walking trails are! In addition, given how well-planned and accessible the parks and nature reserves are, there will certainly be shelter from sudden downpours within reasonable reach. So it’s time for a Girls Hike Out session with my adventurous and outdoorsy girl friend, Miss Green Tea Fields.

Opening Hours

Labrador Nature Reserve

Please note that this walking trail in Singapore includes a hike through Labrador Nature Reserve which is open from 7 am – 7 pm.

Do respect the opening hours as entering the park after 7 pm is strictly not allowed. Pets are also not allowed at the Labrador Nature Reserve.

What to Wear

Caps or Hats

It’s really sunny in Singapore all year round. While the walking trail includes areas that are shaded, some parts of the walk will be out in the open where you may risk a pretty bad sunburn. Caps or hats can help shade your scalp, face, and eyes and reduce your UV exposure.


Just wear sensible sweat-wicking sportswear. There are no challenging forested areas in this route, so feel free to wear shorts and sleeveless tops if that’s what feels most comfortable. You may want to wear tops and bottoms that won’t give you weird tan lines as parts of the walk are not shaded.

Appropriate Footwear

The proposed route is well-paved so you can wear any footwear you prefer – even flip-flops or sandals. However, for our comfort, we chose to wear supportive walking shoes.

What to Bring

Water Bottles

Don’t be a dumbass like I was. There are not many places you can get water from once you enter the Labrador Nature Reserve. Bring a water bottle or purchase bottled water from a convenience store at Harbourfront Centre before you start the walk.


Sunburn and an uneven tan are real threats. You’ll probably need to reapply sunblock on this route if you’re doing a nice leisurely pace like we were. I very narrowly missed a sunburn.

Umbrella or Poncho

You can’t trust the weather forecast. You may want to slip a poncho or small umbrella into your bag while exploring this walking trail in Singapore. There are some shelters and gazebos to take cover from sudden downpours in Labrador Nature Reserve.

The Walking Route

This is a roughly 6km route which takes about 3 hours at an incredibly leisurely pace with multiple rest and photography stops along the way.

Why explore this route? Today, Pasir Panjang and the surrounds are lined with expensive condominiums, large malls, and tourist attractions, but hidden in plain sight on this walking trail in Singapore, are snippets of this island city’s maritime and World War II history. It also starts and ends at an MRT station which makes this easily accessible by public transport.

  1. Harbourfront MRT
  2. Harbourfront Centre (Breakfast)
  3. Keppel Bay Bridge
  4. Keppel Island Viewpoint
  5. Reflections Promenade
  6. Bukit Chermin Boardwalk
  7. Dragon’s Teeth Gate
  8. Berlayer Beacon
  9. The Wall of Brick Cutting
  10. World War II Historical Relics
    • The Fourth Gun Position
    • Gunners of Labrador Battery Tribute
    • Gun Emplacement III
    • Labrador Battery
  11. Nature Reserve Viewpoint
  12. Pasir Panjang (Lunch)
  13. Pasir Panjang MRT

1. Harbourfront MRT

Take Exit B to Harbourfront Centre from Harbourfront MRT.

2. Harbourfront Centre

If you’re doing a more leisurely paced walk, you’ll want to grab breakfast as lunch is going to be at least 3 hours away.

Nothing is quite as quintessential as a hearty Singaporean breakfast of soft-boiled eggs, kaya toast, and kopi (coffee with milk). You can get that from Fun Toast at Harbourfront Centre.

Breakfast from Fun Toast at Harboufront Centre - two soft boiled eggs with dark soy sauce and pepper, a cup of hot kopi and kaya toast

If you want an even more authentic local taste of Singapore, visit Seah Im Food Centre and grab some epok-epok (Malay-style puff pastries filled with potato or spicy sardines) from MakanBoleh.

3. Keppel Bay Bridge

Walk towards Keppel Island and Keppel Bay Bridge. You’ll see the sign “Keppel Island” from the main walking path along the main road from Harbourfront Centre. It’s pretty hard to miss this.

Keppel Island on this walking trail in Singapore

Keppel Bay Bridge is not far ahead. This landmark is one of Singapore’s newest bridges and links Keppel Island to the mainland. You’ll be able to enjoy really nice views of Sentosa and Mount Faber in the distance.

Keppel Bay Bridge on the proposed route. forthis walking trail in Singapore

Apart from photo opportunities, you can also play a game of spotting interesting boats with weird names docked at the Marina. Try looking for “Nameless I”, “Nameless II” and “Nameless III”.

Boats docked at Marina at Keppel on this walking trail in Singapore

4. Keppel Island Viewpoint

Just across Keppel Island about 650m away from the Keppel Island Bridge is an Island Viewpoint.

It has a nice little path that will link up with the next stop on this route, Reflections Promenade. Keppel Island Viewpoint is a really great place to get a couple of photos before continuing with your walk.

Taking a selfie at Keppel Island Viewpoint

5. Reflections Promenade

This is a privately owned promenade that is open to the public. The waterfront promenade links up with the Bukit Chermin Boardwalk and an entryway to the Labrador Nature Reserve.

Reflections Promenade on this walking trail in Singapore

This stretch is absolutely gorgeous. This is exactly why I said earlier that it’s way better to start the walk from Harbourfront MRT instead of Pasir Panjang MRT. You get to strike a pose and take really gorgeous photos earlier in the day when you’re fresher and the sun isn’t too obnoxious.

An Asian woman in activewear poses by the promenade

While there are signs informing cyclists to dismount and push their bikes across the promenade, don’t be surprised to see kids and adults cycling past in their bicycles anyway.

Privately owned Reflections Promenade links to Bukit Chermin Boardwalk and is accessible to public.

There are also plenty of stone benches available along the entire promenade if you need a mini rest stop.

6. Bukit Chermin Boardwalk

The Bukit Chermin Boardwalk was previously closed for maintenance late last year and reopened to the public after the completion of works end of March 2023. Now that it’s opened, this is an excellent route to add to this walking trail in Singapore. This is also the start of our adventure in Labrador Nature Reserve.

The 300m-long unsheltered boardwalk offers stunning views of Reflections and Sentosa.

On days with the sun blazing, you’ll definitely need a cap, hat, or sunglasses here.

Cool walking trail in SIngapore - Bukit Chermin Boardwalk

You’ll also be able to check out some crazy huge Monsteras here. Kinda cool if like my friend you’re enthusiastic about nature.

Giant Monstera plants at Bukit Chermin Boardwalk

7. Dragon’s Teeth Gate

The Dragon’s Teeth Gate (also known as Batu Berlayar) is a hop, skip and jump away from Bukit Chermin Boardwalk. After walking into Labrador Nature Reserve, follow the signs leading to Dragon’s Teeth Gate.

Fun fact: The giant rock formations that stood at the gateway to Keppel Harbour were given the name Long Ya Men by Chinese explorer, Wang Dayuan, in 1330 due to their shape and how they looked like dragon teeth. They were a navigational landmark for seafarers.

Today, the iconic landmark that you see is a 6m stone replica. The original natural rock formations were blown up by the British to widen the entrance to the new Keppel Harbour.

8. Berlayer Beacon

The Red Berlayer Beacon stands tall at the southernmost end of Labrador Nature Reserve. It’s a survivor, having narrowly escaped demolishment. (The Dragon’s Teeth Gate replica was initially intended to replace Berlayer Beacon.)

We can thank the passionate conservation groups that appealed the demolishment of the Berlayer Beacon due to its historical significance to Singapore.

9. The Wall of Brick Cutting

You’ll hear the symphony of cicadas the moment you reach The Wall of Brick Cutting. A gate originally stood here in 1886. The area here has denser foliage and offers a lot more shade than the earlier parts of this walking trail. Be prepared for mosquitos here.

Walking Trail in Singapore in Labrador Park - The Wall of Brick Cutting

10. World War II Historical Relics

Expect a slight incline as you follow the path uphill where you’ll find many World War II Historical Relics.

Gun Emplacements at Labrador Nature Reserve on this walking trail in Singapore

Here is a list of the relics you’ll pass by on your way to the exit leading out to Labrador Park MRT:

  • The Fourth Gun Position
  • Gunners of Labrador Battery Tribute
  • Gun Emplacement III
  • Labrador Battery
  • 1886 Tunnel
Gunners of Labrador Battery Tribute

There is a lot to read up on at each of the individual relic sites. Large signboards detailing the history behind the relics are available for visitors to gain a deeper understanding.

If you venture deep enough, you’ll find some reading material on several myths, pertaining to World War II, being debunked.

11. Nature Reserve Viewpoint

This scenic spot overlooks Labrador Park and the sea and is shaded by trees. You can take a breather here. While we were there, we spotted a family with a picnic mat chilling here.

This is right before we exit Labrador Nature Reserve via Labrador Villa Road which leads to Labrador Park MRT.

12. Pasir Panjang

It’s time to walk to the second last stop on this walking trail in Singapore – your lunch spot.

We ended up at Uncle Ho’s Tuckshop which serves some fantastic and authentic Vietnamese cuisine. You can read my review of the restaurant here.

Uncle Ho's Tuckshop at Pasir Panjang
Carrie poses with dishes ordered from Uncle Ho's Tuckshop in Pasir Panjang

If you’re looking for other options, here are some places you can check out:

Local Food

Authentic Thai Food

Western Style Brunch

If you find this guide useful, you can buy me pasta!


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